Look at John Singer Sargents Swirls and Squiggles

Look at John Singer Sargents Swirls and Squiggles

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Figure Drawings Basics: Fun, Messy and Made of Thin, Firm Lines

Looking at any one of John Singer Sargent’s drawings, I really can’t mistake them for anything but the work of his hand. His line work is so thin, firm, and consistent, even in figure drawings full of visual movement and force.

The other thing they are is a bit wild–messy and free and a lot of fun. I imagine how his arm and had swooped and snapped to get the lines down and I itch to pick up a pencil and let my hand cha-cha-cha across the page too!

Master of Mass

Sargent is a master at massing light and dark values to show the results of light on form — I think that is his true mark in both his drawings and his paintings. In fact, Sargent’s drawings and paintings are some of the most unified I’ve seen.

The way he lays charcoal down with broad, sure strokes is exactly the way he would use a paintbrush, and in that way I’ve come to realize that learning how to paint is an extension of learning how to draw. So that with every sketch or figure study, both my painting skills and drawing abilities are being honed for each other.

The Payoff

The effect that comes out of this pursuit is dramatic swathes of light and dark across the surface of a painting or drawing that really make a visual impact. They can be broken down into segments almost as if they are stained glass — that is how extreme it is at times–but there’s no mistaking the unity of the parts into a whole. Masterful!

Snap and Flick

But I always keep in mind that Sargent also did a lot of quick preparatory studies and the sketching techniques he used were quite different. That is where all of the dashes, swirls, and squiggles come in.

He drew Spanish dancers and musicians that were more line than “form” and yet they are amazing drawings–abstract and free. Both ways have an immense appeal, but the former has a lot of subtle energy. The latter, all movement and vibrancy.

Explore drawing with the sense of fun and “messiness” and movement that John Singer Sargent shows. I know I’m inspired! Especially now that I’m able to learn from Brent Eviston. He’s a contemporary master of figure drawing basics. His Drawing Master Class video is showing me how to push my passion for drawing in exciting directions. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Painting Loish in the Style of John Singer Sargent (July 2022).


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