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Secrets in Watercolor with Laurie Humble: Depth Realism

Secrets in Watercolor with Laurie Humble: Depth Realism

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Watercolor: so easy, so versatile, and so much fun, right? Whether you’re just picking up a brush for the first time, or you’ve learned a lot about watercolor painting techniques, there’s always something new to learn– or relearn, and watercolor is one of the best mediums to learn how to paint with. However, watercolor can be deceptive: learning the painting techniques might take a few minutes, but it’ll take a lifetime to master, and what could be a better goal than to spend a lifetime making beautiful paintings?

And because watercolors can dry and be rewet over and over, they make for one of the least wasteful, most cost-effective ways of adding vibrant color into your art. It’s easy to start with a basic kit of colors; to begin with, all you need are paints, brushes and water.

Add Depth and Realism to Your Watercolor Paintings
No matter what your painting style or skill level, you will be amazed at the new levels of dimension you can create in your watercolor paintings using Laurie Humble’s 5 easy techniques: contrast, color saturation, perspective, detail and the unifying wash. Laurie begins Secrets in Watercolor with Laurie Humble: Depth Realism with an overview of composition and layering color for mixing and depth, then moves through a series of exercises that demonstrate each technique, each one designed to help you manipulate the picture plane to lead the eye around the painting and to your focal point.

Laurie Humble is an award-winning artist and workshop instructor. She conducts workshops across the United States, internationally and online. Her exciting new DVD series, Secrets in Watercolor, is now available through, and anywhere DVD’s are sold. Her works in both watercolor and oil are included in private and permanent collections across the country.

Preview Secrets in Watercolor with Laurie Humble: Depth Realism to learn how to layer pure color for color mixing right on the page. Then, head over to to watch the full-length video, get the materials list, leave a review, and more.

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