Dawn, Day, Dusk, Darkness

Dawn, Day, Dusk, Darkness

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How a Watercolor Artist Paints Every Moment of the Day

Plein air artists are the first to tell you that you can go back to the same paint site over and over again during different times of day and it is like being in a whole new place every time. It can crystallize colors so it almost feels like you are looking through a kaleidoscope.

Dean Mitchell’s Day

Dean Mitchell is especially skillful at creating a stark sense of daylight. The whites of his sky are almost searing. His colors are muted for the most part, which allows his palest washes to seem very crisp, although they will veer from the more chilly whites of winter mornings to the white heat of a hot summer day.

Christopher St. Leger’s Haze

When I think of Christopher St. Leger’s work, it’s his lustrous haze of color that stands out. It’s almost like when all the heat and atmosphere of a day hovers right above the horizon and every object, every surface is heavy with color. But that assessment is a bit deceiving because St. Leger also has, in fact, a strong sense of bright white highlights in his work as well.

Susannah Hart Thomer’s Suns

Susannah Hart Thomer is at her best capturing those times of day when the lights and darks are at their most extreme. Extreme but warm. Incredibly warm. Juicy and burgeoning with color and depth. I love that her darks have hints of red and purple; her lights tinges of green and orange. She really knows how color yields light.

With Soon Warren’s Painting Vibrant Watercolors, you can delve more deeply into the watercolor painting techniques that lead to expressive and energized paintings depicting any time of the day you’d like. Every page reveals unique points of process that are relevant to what you want to do in your own practice and how you want your watercolor paintings to evolve. Enjoy!

P.S. What’s your favorite time of day to paint? Leave a comment and let me know!

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