Your Best Landscape Painting Experience

Your Best Landscape Painting Experience

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With winter around the corner, I’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors, going hiking and reading in the sun, walking from place to place when I do my errands in the evenings, and just finding every excuse for an outdoor excursion, day and night. Landscape painting is another perk of the season. There’s something invigorating about stepping outside and sharing space with your subject matter–breathing the same air, seeing the same light, and having an in-the-moment experience with the landscape.

Creating landscape paintings can definitely test you as an artist. There are plenty of challenges–contending with the ever-changing elements, mixing paints quickly and accurately, editing a scene into a manageable composition while capturing the feel of the place, and doing all of this without the security and convenience of your studio. You really have to know your medium—what it is capable of doing in reaction to heat, sunlight, and humidity.

But painting outdoors can be one of the most rewarding activities a painter embarks upon as well. In a way it can make you the best artist you can be, because there’s nothing—such as poor lighting or unreliable photos—skewing your vision. You learn why watching objects in motion leads to a better understanding of how shapes, colors, patterns, and values change; work with a limited palette which forces you to stretch yourself; and paint light-centric objects like skies and water accurately.

That’s where Johannes Vloothuis’ Paint Along 30 comes in handy. First, Johannes takes all the best things about landscape painting and brings them into the studio, delving into the details of the composition and medium, offering practical information and advice on finer points that may be helpful when painting landscapes. With this workshop especially, you’ll be ready to create beautiful landscape paintings while appreciating what the natural world has to offer in terms of varied lighting situations, reflections of light on water, and the brilliance of a sunlit sky. It’s all there! Enjoy!

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