More Than Skin Deep: Our Free eBook on How to Draw a Human Body

More Than Skin Deep: Our Free eBook on How to Draw a Human Body

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Knowledge of anatomy is essential for artists who want their figures to appear realistic and natural. But we are not surgeons or medical professionals! Artists are not, and should not be, slaves to anatomical correctness.

Académie d’homme by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon,
ca. 1800, black chalk heightened with white,
23 5⁄8 x 18 1⁄8.

You have to study anatomy the right way—the artistic way. That’s why we created our latest free eBook: How to Draw a Human Body: Anatomy Drawings for Artists. In it you’ll find out what the artistic purpose of anatomy is all about and most important. You’ll find out where to go and whose teachings to explore when it comes to the art side of anatomy, and how to draw the figures of males and females differently.

Author Dan Gheno discusses resources he’s used for drawing anatomy, plus methods of practice that will allow you to integrate it into your art in ways that make sense and aren’t a hindrance to what you want to do. That includes what to focus on when you are life sketching, why sculptural écorché is so helpful to artists, and what Old Master anatomy drawings are worth a good, long look.

Stasis by Dan Gheno, 2003,
colored pencil and white
charcoal on toned paper, 24 x 18.

But most of all, Gheno reminds us that studying anatomy as artists should be a systematic enterprise. Start with the bones. Then muscles can start to make sense. Learn the form and function of each muscle group and pursue them as groups or pairs so that you understand how these parts work together.

Anatomy isn’t magic. It just takes a willingness to pursue the subject and a little bit of memorization to start to make headway with it. With your free eBook, How to Draw a Human Body: Anatomy Drawings for Artists, you’ll get the guidance you may have been missing and more than a few ideas on how to make inroads with anatomy drawing as an artist. Download your copy now!

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