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15 Signs Youre an Artist

15 Signs Youre an Artist

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What makes an artist an artist? Certainly, we are unique individuals with our own creative impulses and drives, but we do have so much in common. So step away from the canvas, put the paintbrush down, and see how many of these “signs” apply to you! It’s a fun list sent to me from, and I chuckled out loud over a few of them, so I thought I’d share them with you.

15 Signs You’re an Artist

1. Your sense of time is marked by how long it will take something to dry.

2. You describe the sunset using words like vermillion, amber, and ochre.

3. Your neighbor is excited about her new furniture, and you’re ecstatic about your new easel.

4. You organize your closet, books, and pantry by color.

5. You haven’t worn shoes in a week. And your socks have paint all over them.

6. You accidentally dip your paintbrush in your coffee cup, and drink it anyway.

7. You spread peanut butter on your toast with your fingers just to experience the texture.

8. You keep everything – EVERYTHING. Because one day you might use it for an art project or painting.

9. You find a blank canvas exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

10. You can’t find anything to wear out for a special occasion because all your clothes are splattered with paint.

11. You always judge books by their covers. And magazines. And posters. And menus.

12. You visit the home improvement store to pick out paint swatches and get angry when the perfect Tiffany blue you’re looking for isn’t there.

13 You carry pencils instead of pens.

14. You named your children Frida and Pablo. And your Dog’s name is Leonardo.

15. You can’t be bothered with framing, so you slap the same gold Plein Air moulding on every piece.

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