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The Holiday Sweepstakes Is Here!

The Holiday Sweepstakes Is Here!

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The holidays are always a special time, but we are here to make them extra special for artists with the Network Annual Holiday Sweepstakes! Its 17 days of prizes from the leading providers of art supplies and services, and all you do is enter the sweepstakes on the day your favorite prize is being rewarded! You can enter every day and for every prize–all you have to do is sign up at the Sweepstakes Homepage. How simple is that?

Youll enter the sweepstakes there, and you can also see all the prizes being awarded as well. From a Handcrafted New Wave Palette, being offered today (!!) to a Rosemary Co. brush set to a free annual subscription to Network TV, theres so much here to stuff your stocking with!

Enjoy and let the holidays begin!!

Watch the video: Its a beautiful place to holiday here (July 2022).


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