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Capture the Beauty of Monochrome Oil Portraits

Capture the Beauty of Monochrome Oil Portraits

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Nothing can seem more difficult, or be more rewarding, than capturing the likeness and essence of a person on canvas. But you can learn how to master the art of portraiture with Capturing the Beauty of Monochrome Oil Portraits from professional portrait painter Chris Saper. In this art lesson, she demonstrates her favorite painting techniques to create a portrait in oils using a monochromatic palette.

The drama that comes from seeing a face done in black, white and gray makes for great portraits, showing off the spark of life that makes each person so unique, and it’s a great way to refine the features and skills you need to create a likeness without worrying about skin tones. Instead, the features are defined by light and shadow, with values creating the illusion of depth and dimension. See how each step adds life to the portrait.

Preview the video now to learn how to add the small highlights to eyes and depth to highlights and shadows. Then, stream the video at ArtistsNetwork.TV to learn more about painting monochromatic portraits in oils.

Prefer to have your own copy? You can download the video or buy the DVD at

You can also watch an interview with Chris Saper, at ArtistsNetwork on YouTube to learn more about how she got started in art, her background in business and hospital administration and how she used those talents to turn her love of painting portraits into a career.

Not satisfied with just picking up her videos and want more portrait painting lessons in oil? Pick up a copy of Chris’s book, Classic Portrait Painting in Oils, to find more step-by-step demonstrations and fantastic instruction to start painting lifelike portraits.

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