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Jens Picks: Paint Watercolors from Photographs

Jens Picks: Paint Watercolors from Photographs

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Turn Your Photos into Beautiful, Light-Filled Paintings!
Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs
By Henry W. Dixon

If a picture is worth a thousand words, watercolor has the power to transform that picture into pure poetry. Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs will show you how to do just that, step by creative step. Inside, you’ll learn how to take great reference photos of the people, places and things that intrigue you, and use the unique qualities of watercolor to turn them into original and striking paintings.

Packed with inspiration for picture-perfect paintings, this book will help take advantage of your reference photos while avoiding common pitfalls…making your camera as valuable an art tool as your brushes and paints.

And, artist/author, Henry W. Dixon is just the man to show you how to do this. In working with him on this book I fell in love with his vision of what makes a great painting. He has a knack for seeing beauty in the everyday, and in Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs he shares this vision and the instruction on how you too can see the world in a new light and create wonderful paintings that reflect what you see.

Special Features
• Expert instruction for composing, lighting and shooting your photographs to get the references you need to make great paintings
• 18 step-by-step painting demonstrations that take you through the entire painting process, from start to finish
• Paint a range of popular subjects, including people, landscapes, architecture, still life and interiors.
• Tips for making your paintings look fresh, not stiff—one of the main issues of working with photos
• Inspiration to take on subjects you would otherwise never dream of attempting, for simply stunning results

Download a demo on painting water from Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs.

About Henry W. Dixon
Henry is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Texas Watercolor Society, California Watercolor Association, Watercolor West, Kansas Watercolor Society and an associate member of the American Watercolor Society. His work has been featured in many magazines including Magazine and others, as well as books including Splash 5: Best of Watercolor and others. His painting philosophy is to listen to that small quiet voice that tells him “the painting is done.” Visit for more information about Henry.

“My primary goal when painting watercolor is to represent reality–not to be photographic in appearance–but to reflect my response to the scene sincerely. This sincerity is the reason for my painting. I want to evoke mood, emotion and feeling in the viewer.”
Click here to learn what makes Henry tick.
Click here to hear Henry talk about Paint Amazing Watercolors from Photographs.

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