Kill the Genius: Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 4

Kill the Genius: Art Opening(s) Podcast, Episode 4

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Welcome to Art Opening(s), the podcast where there are no gatekeepers, no stupid questions, and art for all. Hosted by Courtney Jordan and Samantha Sanders and sponsored by Network.

Kill the Genius

In this episode we breakdown (metaphorically! there will be no actual killing!) one of the most mythic archetypes in all of art — the so-called artistic genius. We separate legend from straightforward fact and call into question who this kind of myth serves, who it hurts, and if the artistic genius really needs to die after all.

The Origin Story

The story behind the genius is actually a bit of a tangled tale, with many mutations over the centuries. We trace how the term was made — not born! — from its Greek root word to Michelangelo in the Renaissance to its modern-day manifestations.

We seek out the antidote to the “genius” and find it in the creative pursuit that unites us all: drawing in our sketchbooks. We sit with author and famous illustrator Danny Gregory to discuss why sketching is so personal, humbling and invigorating all at once. He tells how drawing can bring out the genius in us all while simultaneously revealing that all of us can stumble creatively and artistically now and then.

This episode of Art Opening(s) is sponsored by the first ever SketchKon taking place Nov. 2-4 in Pasadena, California.

In this episode, Sam, Danny and I push and pull on:

+The four genius archetypes of art history…

+Who can be a genius–and who can’t…

+How creative habits are the antidote or leveler of the genius myth…

+What drawing and sketching can show about the nature of genius…

+Drawing’s ability to make us all geniuses–and dunces…

+Suitable eulogies for the artistic genius…

Listen in as we discuss the artistic genius’s past, present and future, as in untimely demise. Then we tease out why true artistic genius is in everyone (or no one) depending on your perspective. And that the best thing about art isn’t putting it on a pedestal, but showing how deeply human and unique and one-of-a-kind art makes us! Genius for all or, in other words, kill the genius!

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Special Guest Danny Gregory

Danny Gregory has written nearly a dozen internationally best-selling books on art and creativity. He is the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, a video-based art school designed to inspire creative storytelling through illustrated journaling.

Taught by the world’s best illustrators, artists and educators, Sketchbook Skool encourages its global community of over 15,000 students to draw and keep a sketchbook regardless of skill level. Danny is also co-producer, along with Network, of the first SketchKon event, taking place for three fun-filled days in sunny Pasadena this November 2018.

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