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8 Reasons You Should Enter the Annual Art Competition Now!

8 Reasons You Should Enter the Annual Art Competition Now!

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So, you’re an artist.

CONGRATULATIONS! We love you already!

Artists Magazine’s Annual Art Competition is a pretty big deal, and I can probably read your mind. Watch me. You’re probably thinking…why should I care about entering the Annual Art Competition? What chance do I have at winning? How can this help motivate me? What others ways can I get my work noticed?

Here are all of the ways you WIN when you enter the Annual Art Competition!

1. Get that paper!

When you enter the Annual Art Competition, you have the opportunity to win up to $2500. This is not a drill. $2500. Think of all of the supplies you could buy! Plus, second place takes home $1250 and third place has the chance to win $750. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to enter the Annual Art Competition and win cash from your talent!

2. Be In Print!

Do you remember what it felt like the first time you saw a work of art in print, and you fell in love with it? What if that work of art was yours?

If your art wins a prize number or honorable mention, it will be printed in an issue of Artists Magazine. This special issue will be available on newsstands nationwide, so you can tell all your friends and family to pick up a copy to see your work. Don’t worry, we’ll send you two copies, so you can cut out one and put it on your fridge if you want! What better way to showcase your talent than by entering the Annual Art Competition?

3. Maximum Exposure!

Artists Magazine is read across the globe. With six winners in five different categories, there are 30 opportunities for people to see your work in Australia, England, Japan, Germany…we could go on. Basically, point to somewhere on the map, and your work could be seen there!

Many people have entered competitions presented by Artists Magazine and found success after being published in the magazine. Take artist William Rose, for instance. He was featured on the cover of Drawing magazine after winning a competition presented by Network and was later contacted by a film director to make artwork for a movie. That could be you! Enter the Annual Art Competition and you might just become a Hollywood art icon!

4. Be a Finalist!

Along with the 30 winners in the competition, we also select several finalists in each category. But wait! There’s more…

5. Get Featured in Competition Spotlight!

…From that list of finalists, we choose nine to be featured in our “Competition Spotlight” column in the magazine. That’s nine more opportunities for you to be printed in our issues!

6. Students can Enter the Annual Art Competition!

If you feel like you’re more of a beginner, don’t worry. We have room for you, and we love you just as much! Our Student Competition is for any artist who is new to the art world, hoping for a little exposure! We have 15 total winners in the Student competition portion, and they’re all published in our December issue! Plus, students receive special prizes that include all the art instruction you can find from Network. Take the chance to win prizes and enhance your art skills when you enter the Annual Art Competition student division!

7. Enter in several categories!

We have five categories you can submit to:


Still Life/Interior




8. We finally get to see YOU!

We cannot begin to count how often we’ve found an artist from our competition that we’ve loved so much and choose to do a feature on them later in the magazine, or include them in one of our many columns. Entering the Annual Art Competition gives you so many opportunities to be seen by us well after the competition ends!

We love this competition because it gives us an opportunity to feel connected with the readers and artists all over the world! We cannot wait to see what you send us, so click here to enter the Annual Art Competition now!

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