Egg Tempera

Egg Tempera

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La Mia Gioia, Fred Wessel, 1996,
egg tempera, 25 x 19.

What is egg tempera painting?

Egg tempera was a common painting medium during the 14th and 15th centuries, but has since fallen out of popularity. It is traditionally made from egg yolks and pigments, with the yolks serving as an organic binder.

Egg tempera technique

Tempera art is not as easy to work with as oils and acrylics, which is why it is not advised for beginner paintings. However, some experienced artists still turn to tempera paintings because of their satin sheen and pure color. It should be painted on traditional gesso over a rigid support such as wood panels. Because egg tempera is brittle, it should not be painted on flexible grounds, nor should it be applied thickly. Varnishing egg tempera is not recommended; instead, such paintings should be framed behind glass for protection.

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